Crtyx // but you can call me Curtis 👋. 27 y/o entrepreneur based in the United Kingdom 🌍 specialising in management, marketing, organic and ethical engagement, creative services and SaaS. You can find me on LinkedIn🡭, Twitter🡭 and Instagram🡭. Some of my interests include loud heavy metal 🎸 (Along with some Taylor Swift and Harry Styles for good measure), even louder cars 🏎️, sneakers/fashion 👟, cooking 👨‍🍳, taking care of my pets (A 1 year old British Shorthair named Astro ☄️, a 9 year old Border Terrier named Mars 🛸, and a 120l tropical aquarium that tests my patience every day 🐡), and ignoring TikToks from my girlfriend fiancee 💓.

For over 10 years I’ve remained self employed working in numerous alternative fields, from providing creative services to both the music industry and commercial businesses to operating in niche environments catered to software, technology and start-ups. Currently, my forte lies within project management, graphic design and finding new and exciting ways to organically engage with an audience.

I have found myself becoming a very adaptable, hard-working and efficient member of any team I’m apart of - I tend to do best in positions which are fuelled by passion (either my own or being infected by those around me) as well being dynamic and fast-paced; No two days should be the same [Insert bland cliché quote about insanity from that Einstein fella here].
Current ProjectsCybersole Ltd 🌐
Project Manager & Social Media
2018 to present
[Website] [Twitter] [Instagram]

The bridge between users, staff and executive positions; Ensuring all parties are connected efficiently in order to keep the business in sync at all times. Alongside the project management role I single handedly operate the social media accounts, sharing on-trend posts for engagement. Systems used: MongoDB, Google Workplace, Zendesk Support/Chat/Guides, Discord, Slack, Jira, Humongous, Figma & Adobe CC.

Peachy Pings Ltd 🍑
Company Director
2018 to present

The handling of day to day tasks including administration, finances, customer support, team management, marketing, social media and advertising. Alongside minor development jobs such as web scraping. Systems used: Discord, MongoDB, Google Workplace, Heroku, Github, Gitbook, Quickbooks, PayTraQer, Meta Ads, Google Ads, Cloudflare, Visual Studio Code, Webflow, Figma & Adobe CC.
~Divided Design 🎨
Self Employed
2013 to present
Customer facing creative-focused role handling email and telephone enquiries and producing high quality work catering to individual needs and briefs. Systems used: Google Workspace, Webflow, Adobe CC, Squarespace and Meta Ads.

Jotting my thoughts ✍️
2023 to present

Skills/AccomplishmentsFeatured in The Times 📰
○ [Article]

Featured in Wired 📰
○ [Article]

Graphic Design 🖌️
○ Keen eye for detail with the ability to transfer client requirements from initial idea to a final product efficiently thanks to over 10 years of experience with Adobe applications with a confirmed client list of over 3000 unique individuals and businesses.

Development 🤓
○ Experienced in Webflow and HTML/CSS.
○ Experienced in Basic React frontend.
○ Experienced in Basic React Native frontend.
○ Basic understanding of Golang and Python.
~Investment Growth 📈
○ Grew a SaaS business in a niche field from an initial >£500 investment to generating over £750K GBP in gross revenue in under five years without third party investments or guidance.
○ Grew a product in a niche field from an initial >£2000 investment to generating over £100K GBP revenue in its first year without third party investments or guidance.

Organic Social Media Growth 🍻
○ Grew numerous online companies presence without the need of paid advertising via on-trend posts that captivate and engage the audiences. I now manage four unique accounts with a collective following of over 300,000 followers across Twitter and Instagram.
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